Apple Watch Series 4 now available in Russia

Today was the official start of sales Apple Watch Series 4 on the territory of Russia. Now everyone can purchase the latest devices Corporation without the services of dealers and the “gray” sellers.

Apple Watch Series 4 differ from the previous model larger screen built into the crown motor Taptic Engine, and the presence of an electrocardiograph.

The last function doesn’t work yet, but will soon be available to customers from USA. The same applies to the LTE module. In Russia electronic SIM card is forbidden, so here we just sell the GPS version of the gadget.

New watch available in two sizes: 40 and 44 mm. The basic version can be purchased for 31 990 rubles. Model more for 33 990 rubles. Is this model made of aluminum. Steel cost considerably more. Up to 100 000 rubles depending on the strap.

Apple Watch Series 4 available on the official Apple website or buy from one of the major retailers operating in Russia.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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