Apple Watch Sport: when “sport” — not just a name

One of the versions of the Apple Watch, it is also the cheapest, is called Sport — say, Apple wants this accessory is for you assistant when going to the gym or for morning Jogging. But is the name hours your feature set? I decided to check it out, and was with Watch Sport almost two weeks, during which regularly visited the gym.


On the treadmill the watch performed perfectly. In the app “Workout” is a special kind of training — Jogging in the gym or on the street. Select it, aim for burning calories — and more! In parallel, I put a special sensor that can send data to the treadmill, the display of which also display calories, pulse and distance (which is itself). The difference in the readings of track and hours was no more than 2-3 calories, pulse coincided with a precision strike. Bravo, Apple Watch!

Hours using the Taptic Engine to notify me when I ran half the distance or half-burnt from the assigned calories. Motivates, by the way.

Strength training

Here it was not so interesting. Chose the app “Exercise” a different kind of workout and ran a calorie counter. Over one and a half hours, I hardly left the power unit and burned over 500 calories. The watch will detect when I did the breaks between machines, or when actively engaged. Inclined to trust them, although a small error in the measurements to exclude, I think not.


Yes, the Workout app allows you to track your activity on the bike — in this case in the gym. After half an hour of riding I burned about 200 calories (at a leisurely pace), and the Apple Watch I gladly alerted.

As for Cycling outside of the gym, here I prefer to use the app Strava which is for the iPhone. It shows the distance traveled, calculates the average speed, the corners lifting in General, lots of different useful information. Better not yet found.


To avoid possible negative impacts during sports is to track the pulse. This watch helped me a lot — I could measure the pulse and know when the body should rest. The General condition is not always able to display the processes that happen to bodies.


Even when I did not visit a gym, watch helped me lead an active way of life is reminded daily goal for calories, was told when to warm up, motivated by various awards. I really became more active, take more steps to feel better in the morning.

What the result could bring? Watch Sport is a really good way to keep track of their activity, but some opportunities I missed. I would like to expand the number available in a variety of workouts for a more accurate calculation. But in General, the prefix “Sport” is justified.

PS In the pool with the watch is not useful — apps for tracking such activity is almost there, and it’s risky.

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