Apple Watch tells the time in 4 times more accurate than the iPhone

Do you have anything positive to say about Apple Watch? If you want you can say a lot of good, but nothing that would make your watch purchase, and an indispensable accessory. Forget about it for a while, and remember what started our first encounter with the Apple Watch. Then we announced from the stage that watch is amazingly accurate. They are able to show time accurate to 50 milliseconds, and they are 4 times more accurate than the clock in the iPhone. Details were described by Kevin Lynch.

Kevin Lynch is the Vice President of Apple technology. In an interview with Mashable he said, to ensure the accuracy of the Apple Watch. Apple spent a lot of time and effort. The company watched virtual seconds on the screen of the Apple Watch with the help of cameras, and frame-by-frame tracking her movement. It was important to make sure that the delay is simply impossible.

Of course, the Apple Watch receives accurate time from the Apple servers. The company has 15 servers scattered around the world. Each is located in the building with the GPS antenna on the roof for communication with satellites, which receive information on time from the naval Observatory, USA. A serious approach, and it is in the style of Apple.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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