Apple will change the battery problem on the iPhone 6s

Apple recently announced the launch of the program on repair iPhone 6 Plus are experiencing the problem with the touch screen. Some time passed, and the company has begun to address the other problems buyers of its devices. This time the repair program is designed for owners of the iPhone 6s, whose devices are disabled unforeseen due to issues with the battery.

The company said the problem has affected a very small number of iPhone 6s that were produced from September to October 2015. To fix the problem simply, Apple will replace the batteries in the problematic smartphones. Replacement for owners of devices that come under the program should contact the Apple retail store or authorized service center.

As reported to us by the company, if the smartphone was purchased in Russia, it gets under the program of replacement batteries can be found in the support on the website (better to use chat). For devices bought in other countries, will need visit the service centre.

Battery replacement will be carried out free of charge if your iPhone 6s was made in September-October 2015. The identity of the smartphone to problem instances will be determined by the serial number. Customers who have already replaced your battery because of the above mentioned problems before the start of the program may request a refund for the replacement.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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