Apple will help to get rid of spam in iCloud

Last week, many iCloud users have begun to complain about spammers, who used the function of “Invitation” in the “Calendar” for undesirable purposes. Soon, enthusiasts have found a way to limit the flow of such spam, but the problem could not reach the Apple. Today, the company has officially commented on the matter.

In comments provided by the publication iMore, Apple said that it is working on a solution.

We are very sorry that some of our users receive spam in the form of calendar invitations. We are actively working on a solution to the problem ā€” we identify and block suspicious senders, and direct invitations that they send out.

Spam using your iCloud calendars had been distributed for a long time, but it drew the attention of Apple, took wide coverage in the media and many angry users. And while in Cupertino are working on new algorithms to detect spammers, we propose an alternative solution to the problem.

If you are the victim of spam ā€” it doesn’t matter this way or not, please inform us about such cases in the Apple. Simply send your address on a spammer [email protected]

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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