Apple will offer developers to pay for promoting their apps in the App Store

Apple formed a “secret” team of developers for making a number of changes in the App Store, reports Bloomberg. As the main activities of the project team called the number of studies required to create a more intuitive search system, and the introduction of legal methods of promotion of applications for a fee.

At this point in the project App Store “new generation” employs about 100 staff, working under the supervision of the former chief of service of iAd Todd Teresi, said the journalists. Speaking about the exact timing of the plan yet because of its novelty and relatively recent changes in the staffing of the company. Then, if you remember, Vice-President of marketing Phil Schiller took the patronage over the iTunes store, which first was headed by eddy cue. Perhaps Schiller appeared truly revolutionary ideas.

Imperfect system of promotion applications has long been the scourge of the App Store, hindering the popularization of less known developers and users of interesting discovery. So, of the more than half million range of applications, demand is but a small part, forcing the creators to go to extreme measures and resort to illegal ways of promotion.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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