Apple will replace faulty hard drives in iMac12 review

As you know, Cupertino is not only welcome new customers, but also know how to appreciate what is already available. In proof of this, the company regularly announces the free replacement of any components in the technique of previous years, and this time cupertinos want to support in the form of popular iMac desktop computers.

According to information from the Apple Corporation discovered a small number of monoblocks, a manufacturing defect in the drives which under certain conditions may cause loss of user data. Since the winter of 2012, the iMac line has been enriched with models equipped with a proprietary system Fusion Drive, which is the cheap alternative to using solid state drives high capacity. Top-end configuration 27 inch machines allowed to increase up to an impressive amount of HDD is 3 TB, and for these devices the manufacturer offers free servicing.

The press service of Apple reports that at the moment specialists are trying to contact customers potentially problematic machines, but the users themselves can easily check your iMac by entering its serial number in a special form on the company’s website. If your computer produced in the period from December 2012 to September 2013 and is listed in one of the noted manufacturer parties, the staff of the Genius Bar or an authorized service center will replace the disk free of charge. The presence or absence of a signature guarantee when it does not matter. The only point that is worth bearing in mind when commissioning the unit in for repair, is the need to maintain backup copies of all data stored on the drive — the benefit to do this by using system Time Machine simple . Apple warns that the transfer of user information according to the terms of the replacement disk fails. A list of authorized service centers you can find on the official website of Apple on the link above.

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