Apple will replace your lost AirPods headphones individually

Apple will replace your lost AirPods headphones individually

Simultaneously with the appearance of the wireless accessory AirPods in the original retail Apple announced about the possibility to replace the right or left earphone in case of breakage or loss. Relevant information was published on the official website of the company in the technical support section. The cost of each earphone individually, as well as a charging case will be fixed and will be 69 dollars.

Despite the likely skepticism, which will hasten to Express some fans, Apple invented a truly universal solution for not the most attentive users. Now, even the loss or failure of one of the headphones will not force you to buy the whole kit cost 13 000 again. And why, if everything else works fine?

If you for some reason do not wish to purchase to replace a lost accessory, you can always use only the right or left earphone separately. AirPods are arranged so that they will work regardless of the presence of pairs, playing the role of a real headset, which also monitors the position of your head, adapting to environmental conditions.

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