Apple will teach you how to use your iPad to the max

I thought I knew the iPad perfectly and use its capabilities to the maximum? Is decided in Cupertino and presented a series of interactive books that tells about the benefits and hidden features, “Apple” tablet. Download corporate educational program in the iBooks Store totally free.

Hexalogy called Starter Education Guide provides users with all generations of iPad, starting with the second version, familiarize yourself with its features and possible scenarios. The primary audience interactive instructions, according to company representatives, should become teachers and teachers who use tablet as a working tool during class.

iPad able to reveal completely new and exciting ways of teaching and learning, follows from the description of the collection. The guide is intended to explain the principles of work with the tablet built-in apps and features and ways of personalization. Thanks to this manual, users will be able to obtain the necessary skills for more productive interaction with the iPad, as well as become more confident when creating content.

Starter Education Guide is available in Russian store, iBooks Store, and contains over 300 pages of fascinating and illustrative examples of work with the tablet. The guide will be a great addition for owners of package iTunes U. the Only, but very noticeable lack of books was the absence of Russian or any other language other than English. Follow this link to see the full list of downloadable manuals.

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