Apple’s incredible attention to detail on the example of the new Apple Store in Union square

The return of Steve jobs in 1997 was a turning point in the history of Apple. One of the ideologies of the founder of the company was increased attention even to the smallest details, spread to all the products and activities of the company, from icons operating systems, finishing materials used in retail stores.

May 21, Apple opened a new Apple Store on Union square in San Francisco, which implemented many of new features and services, their implementation is planned and in Apple retail stores worldwide. The study used in the construction of design solutions demonstrate the reverent attitude of Apple to detail.

Note the cracks in the sidewalk around the Apple Store. They all line up in a row with the architectural elements of the building. Some of them are continuous and converge with the metal panels on the outer panels. Other come into contact with Windows and huge glass doors with a height of 12 meters, opening onto Post street.

Also some cracks are connected with stone floor tiles inside the Apple Store. In turn, the seams on the floor goes well with the panels on the walls, and the last one with lighting panels on the ceiling.

It is noteworthy that all the lines in the store – edge glass balconies, the holes in the tables, the edges of shelves and boxes – so or otherwise combined with other interior elements.

As told CultofMac architect from San Francisco, on paper it looks simple, but to make it happen – a very difficult task: “There are a million things that can spoil everything. Engineering services, pipework, structural elements – all this must be considered during construction. You can allocate a budget for this kind of moments, but to do everything perfect is very difficult.”

Have designed by Foster and Partners, bright and spacious Apple store two floors. To climb to the second floor by a glass staircase costing $1 million To replace Genius Bar came Genius Grove area, where Apple will help visitors with any question.

It is interesting that, in addition to ordinary specialists, now has employees Creative Pro – people who advise buyers who prefer Apple equipment for creative tasks.

On the North side the Apple Store is located area, which he called “Plaza”. There are tables here, so people could easily communicate with each other, and the wall, overgrown with grass, with a fountain. On the territory of the Plaza is the fountain known sculptor San Francisco by Ruth Asawa, initially launched in 1969, as well as new work by Laura Kimpton called “Love” provided by the network of Hyatt Hotels. The store has free Wi-Fi.

Overall, the new Apple Store is more like a place for meetings and communication, rather than the shop equipment. In addition, there will be regularly performing artists, musical groups and various experts.

The view from the window of the store on the sidewalk: the cracks of the tiles match up perfectly with the seams on the floor inside the Apple Store.

The side tiles on the street in contact with Windows clearly on the line.

The cutouts on the tables located on the ground floor, combined with the cracks on the floor.
A gap between the shelving coincide with the lines on the metal panels on the wall.

Wherever you looked, all seams and cracks are a perfect match.

It is not easy to see but the top of the glass balconies on the mezzanine is ideal for the joint between the two huge glass doors.

The lines and joints on the mezzanine coincide with those of the floor below.

Alignment of all architectural elements extends all the way to the ceiling and lighting panels around the outside of the building.

The lines on the pavement continuous and smoothly into the joints of external panels and solar energy installations on the roof.

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