Apple’s new patent will solve the common problem of iPhone

Many problems cause a situation when we forget to lock your iPhone before putting it in your pocket or purse. The phone is uncontrollable to call your ex, take photos or run a different game. In Cupertino think about us and already patented solution designed to rid us of these problems.

Unfortunately, to use this invention, the user must have the Apple Watch, the presence of smart watches for their work is essential. It works as follows: the smart watch due to its sensors know when you leave your iPhone in your pocket, and automatically block the phone screen. And when you remove it from the pocket — watch iPhone send a signal to turn on and the screen rasplachivaetsya, immediately displaying your most recently used app.

This approach partly resembles the function of unlock Mac with the presentation of the Apple Watch, which is implemented in new versions of operating systems — macOS Sierra and watchOS 3. Even if you have installed on your iPhone or password protection fingerprint connected to your smartphone the watch will allow the wearer to rid yourself of pesky authentication.

At the moment the described patent is under consideration by the Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States. But we have almost no doubt that this invention will soon appear on the new iPhone and Apple Watch so the obvious need is that idea.

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