Application for hunting for violators of the Parking rules had already downloaded more than 90,000 times, discharged 25 000 fines

About 25,000 fines issued for violations of the rules of stopping and Parking on the basis of user data application Assistant of Moscow”. Reported about it in interview to “Moscow 24” the Deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov.

“About 90 000 people have already downloaded on their smartphones. Before its launch, the app has passed the certification of all possible options and angles, ranging from control of the location, time of shooting, passed the tests the inability to fix these pictures. And we got about ten certificates that attest to the reliability of this system.

And now indeed you can photograph the car, which is a violation of Parking rules, stop, send this photo to the appropriate authority of the government of Moscow. And based on your data given a fine. And such penalties already prescribed in the order of 25 thousand Now people have the opportunity to restore order near his home”, – said Liksutov.

The official added that the app will be updated and improved in the future. In August the opportunity of fixing Parking on lawns, and in September have the opportunity to commit violations of Parking rules in the area of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings

Note that in early September, Moscow authorities reported 70 000 downloads of the application. Thus per month the Assistant of Moscow” was downloaded by 20,000 users.

The mobile app was launched in September 2015. To report a violation, the car must be photographed from several angles: to see the license plate and road sign, the requirements of which are violated. The app automatically recognizes the room, connect them to the geotag, and send the traffic police for a ruling. In fact, at this point the tablet or phone totally responsible Muscovite is transformed into the camera like the one installed on the roads and watch for traffic violations.

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