Applications to improve the Finder, or when you do not know how to spend money

Updated macOS has made many innovations to the Finder, and through third-party apps to improve your system file Manager and increase productivity.

Finder has become much more productive due to improvements in macOS Mojave. Now, without leaving the Finder, you can select a document and view it. You can also edit images, or convert PDF files. But these “basic” can be expanded using additional programs.

Combining new functions Mojave with third-party tools can squeeze the maximum productivity from your computer. Thus it is possible, for example, to rename a thousand files in just a few seconds, or add tags to one or thousands of files key combination.

In this selection we have collected apps that will be suitable to people working with large volumes of data. They can improve the Finder on macOS Mojave and increase productivity, but how much they need in everyday life?

Sort file names by using TextExpander

Sometimes the user is confronted with a situation where he does not know or does not remember the name of the file that is urgently needed.

With the app, TextExpander, you can rename the files according to the specified “triggers”. First we need the program itself to select the parameters on which to generate the file names, for example, the date and project name. Next to this format specifies the “code word” trigger, such as xfile. Now when you select in the Finder any file associated with our conditional project we can change his name to “xfile” and TextExpander app itself converts the name in the specified format – “15.10.2018 project 1”.

To purchase TextExpander on the website of the developer for 3.33 dollar per month, or continue to rename each file, inserting each character independently and without additional options.

Mass rename files

A Better Finder Rename 10 application that will help you save a lot of time if you need to rename a few hundreds or thousands of files.

Let’s say you have thousands of files, each of which created and named by different people during the five-year project. On completion you need to create a data archive of all these files, thus, bringing them to a common name. Through this program, you can select the desired files, drag them into A Better Finder Rename and rename everything.

You can also add the tags for all files in just a few seconds using A Better Finder Rename 10.

Buy app on developer website for $ 23, but I don’t think you’re going to rename thousands of files.


Thanks to this application you can, for example, share a huge number of files via Dropbox and configure automatic deletion after a certain period of time.

You can also configure the automation in other folders, for example, to set auto-delete downloads after a month.

Buy Hazel on the site to a developer for $ 32 million, or to try to periodically delete the junk files manually, and saved money to spend on a new gadget.

Of course all these applications are quite specific and is suitable for small number of users, but they perfectly cope with tasks in situations too lazy to rename or delete files.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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