Apps for Apple TV get links and the ability to preview in the browser

App for Apple TV fourth generation is just amazing, but it is difficult for us to talk about them. All difficult to talk about them, even Apple, because the company can’t show them to those who don’t have consoles. There was no way to link to iTunes for app for Apple TV. Colleagues from. noticed that this option appears.

Try to click on that link. You will see a web version of iTunes Preview, which you can view the description and screenshots, designed for Apple TV. This works exactly the same, as is the case with links to apps for iOS and OS X. that’s Great news!

Noticed that the links started to appear for those applications that are created specifically for Apple TV and are not universal version for iOS and tvOS. Now we can share these links with our readers on the website and on social networks.

Sorry, still no ability to link to install the app on the Apple TV. You can get acquainted with the application with your browser, but to install you will have to find it by name in the app store on your set-top box from Apple.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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