APTLD is looking for a hacker using the service for job search

On the website job Superjob there was an announcement of Roskomnadzor about finding a hacker with good skills to bypass computer security. This announcement drew the attention of the VC resource.

Fully position called “programmer with the skills to bypass computer security, hacker”. The candidate must possess skills in the area of protection of personal data, to have higher education and experience in the field of information security and programming. It is also noted that the applicant should be ready for international trips.

Among the duties the application shall include: search and retrieval of content hidden in third-party computers or computer networks, the protection server IDS DOS. It is also the responsibility of the potential employee of Roskomnadzor included the prevention of information leakage.

Other requirements – experience in white hat and black hat. This hacking systems to find vulnerabilities and hacking without significant damage. Second – not necessary but welcome.

The Agency are looking for potential employees with experience of 3 to 6 years old, ready to perform tasks on the whole territory of Russia. Salary will be determined by the results of the interview.

Roskomnadzor declined to comment on the comment about jobs.

The alleged Russian hackers recently repeatedly appeared in the news. So, the leadership of the US Democratic party ties with Russia hacking its servers, and also about the involvement of the Russians stated in connection with the publication of documents of the world anti-doping Agency.

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