Are the robot vacuum cleaner Robot Vacuum Xiaomi Mi with 12 different sensors and battery 5200 mAh for $250

Xiaomi has announced a robot vacuum cleaner Robot Vacuum Xiaomi Mi, which goes on sale in September this year. The device cost about $250 is one of the most powerful in the class.

Design Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is the same as most on the market of “smart” vacuum cleaners. In the lower part of the body is the side brush, round form, which works in tandem with the main cylindrical brush.

The battery capacity of the Mi Robot Vacuum is 5200 mAh, it lasts about 2.5 hours, during which the cleaner can clean the premises with an area of 250 sq. m. when Finished with the cleaning, or when the critical battery level, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is sent independently to the charging station.

Smart cleaner is equipped with 12 different sensors. These include ultrasonic sensors, sensors, anti-collision, sensors detect walls, stairs, sensors, and sensor height. You can not worry that the device will encounter with mobile, reset a vase or fall down the stairs.

Engine Mi Robot Vacuum creates powerful pressure of 1800 PA. For comparison, iRobot Roomba 980 1670 is characterized by the pressure PA, but costs about $900.

To manage the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum you can use the mobile smartphone application, through which you can monitor the operation, adjust the route to set up a schedule to monitor the level of charge.

Like other high-end robotic vacuum cleaners, the product is equipped with a system of orientation, which is based on a scanning laser rangefinder infrared range. If necessary, the user can set a virtual wall to limit the movement of the robot.

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