ARKit: what it is used for developers

Technology ARKit available to users and developers a month. In this regard, the analyst firm Sensor Tower conducted a study and showed a trend of technology development.

So it became clear that games are the most popular implementation of ARKit. They make up 35 percent of the applications created on this platform. AR utilities are 19%, entertainment 11%, training — seven percent, photos and videos — six percent, but a way of life — five.

Of the top 10 paid AR apps the most popular was TapMeasure that uses ARKit, so that users can measure objects in real life. It is available for 149 rubles. The rest paid ten games. Free the top, in addition to entertainment, you can find the Ikea Place, free app MeasureKit and Housecraft.

Anyway, the new platform is just beginning to develop, and while no one can say what happens. But, if Apple will continue just as hard to sustain it, a year or two you will have to wait for some large and interesting projects.

ARKit — a set of tools submitted by developers in the framework of the conference WWDC 2017. It is a new look at augmented reality technology. The new product is able to recognize the dimensions of the surrounding space and to take into account the lighting conditions in order to reliably integrate virtual objects into real life.

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