ARM chips, Apple may appear in the updated MacBook Pro this year

Apple is designing its own chips for laptops of series MacBook and MacBook Pro, reports Bloomberg, citing informed sources. The company’s goal is to reduce dependence on its main supplier Intel.

According to the publication, one custom Apple chip called the T1 already in use by the company in the MacBook Pro last generation: its task is to provide power to the touch panel Touch Bar.

New development Apple under the code name “T310” in the future, may assume the handling processes that require a small boost of energy. The chipsets will be built on the ARM architecture and will work in conjunction with the main Intel processor.

The main purpose of introduction of ARM architecture chips in portable computers Apple is saving energy. Currently, the Mac feature called Power Nap provides the ability to check email and download updates sleep mode. It requires relatively little energy, but the transition to ARM architecture will reduce power consumption even more.

In addition, ARM-based processors Apple will have access to many hardware components in the Mac, including elements of data storage, wireless, and other vital equipment. And if this decision is implemented, it will be the first ARM chip, which received wide access to the hardware Mac.

The creation of a new ARM chip is part of Apple’s strategy to reduce dependence on Intel and other processor developers. The specialists of the “Apple” brand believe that their own hardware will provide a more tight integration of software and hardware.

Apple plans to get rid of Intel processors in its laptops and desktop computers already in the short term, sources indicate.

The deadline for the implementation of the new ARM chip while Apple is not known for certain. But that assumes that it can appear in the updated MacBook Pro, which will debut closer to the end of the year.

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