Artificial intelligence Facebook learn to recognize facial expressions of users

Team on the development of artificial intelligence Facebook decided to teach bots to social networks not only recognize human speech, but also facial expressions of users.

According to the notice of the developers, they try to teach the bot to understand the facial expressions of humans on example records of Skype conversations. For this purpose, the video clearly shows the faces of the interlocutors, and the bot learns to recognize emotions.

The Creator taught the system to understand abstract expressions, such as sad or happy face, and to recognize certain changes in facial expressions inherent to the different emotions. These so-called “facial patterns” are the same for all, no matter how may vary the expression of those or other emotions in some people. Studying such patterns, the system can predict which expressions will be the most similar to human emotion.

For testing new features was invited to the party people. They offered to consider multiple expressions of the bot and to Express their opinion about how plausible artificial intelligence passes human emotions.

The developers didn’t go into the details of the method used for teaching AI. They also reported, for what purpose are such studies conducted. It is likely that the bots recognize human emotion will be further implemented in research concerning virtual reality.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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