As a function of Optimized Storage in macOS Sierra will affect the number of free gigabytes in your iCloud

One of the main innovations of the operating system macOS Sierra is a unique technology “storage Optimized” (Optimized Storage), which allows to considerably simplify the hard disk of the computer by moving old or infrequently used files to the cloud.

Store in iCloud ā€“ utility transporting documents, photos and other user data to iCloud when on the local drive there is little room. As for this operation, use iCloud, a reasonable question arises ā€“ how much it will cost?

How does the Store in iCloud

When using the “Optimized storage” documents, email attachments and the originals will be stored in iCloud, and the Mac, however, when memory starts to decrease, the system automatically removes these data with the Mac, leaving them up in the cloud. Recently used files and optimized versions of the photos will not be deleted.

If you want to find moved to iCloud document, just type in the search for its title, and with a simple click it can be re-downloaded to the computer. Thus, the data will not be hidden or stored in a special folder. From the user point of view, everything will function as before.

For example, if you are a graphic designer and your Mac contains a huge amount of documents for a client, you worked with 3 years ago, tool Store in iCloud will move to the cloud when local storage is small. If the customer calls about something they ask, you can go to the same folder and download the file back with a simple press on it.

What Store in iCloud is different from syncing with iCloud Drive

It is understood that Store in iCloud differs significantly from synchronization. Data that has been moved to iCloud using this tool will not be available on your other Mac. “Optimized storage” works only locally and is not designed to synchronize files between different devices.

What will it cost?

Because Store in iCloud has nothing to do with sync, your iCloud storage will not be affected. Therefore, if you are using the free 5 GB of cloud space, this will be enough: do not worry about the need to purchase another plan to use the “Optimized storage”.

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