As Apple has literally destroyed the industry of cameras and soon caught the rest

iPhone was supposed to be a revolution in the world of communications, however, began to destroy the applications, services and entire markets. A similar fate overtook the industry cameras. The progressiveness of Apple and other it companies almost survived cameras from this planet.

10 years ago people mostly used the classic camera. The cameras were almost in every family. We love to preserve memories and happy to fix them on your photo. Previously, this had to be worn with a rather clumsy and unclear in the management of chambers or to remove the disgusting “soap” with the terrible quality of the frame, and that seems to be all missing. However at some point the cameras in smartphones have reached a level of quality that not only had the bulk of users, but which really impressed.

All of these infamous “soap” and a strange old DSLR was out of work because are unable to compete on quality and convenience with the iPhone and its counterparts, but it did not stop there. Every year they showed smartphones with more advanced lens technology and post-processing of images, constantly increasing the margin. The pictures taken on the phone has ceased to be associated with something bad. On the contrary, many photographers abandoned their facilities in favor of compact smartphones.

And it’s not even that. This is about being able to share my work. Instagram, Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook perfect to boast your last flight abroad or to show off a beautiful tree growing near the house. On iPhone this is done in two clicks, but the creators of full cameras and not think about how to make their devices easier and more accessible to a mass audience. But just had to make a user-friendly interface and the function “Send to social networks”.

In this case, and on the technical side things were not so smooth. Apple steals from camera manufacturers their trump card. Bokeh and the ability to control depth of field. Where the iPhone may not impress the characteristics of the lens, it is surprising technology. Thus are born Smart functions like HDR that turns snapshots into masterpieces with the help of neural networks. Besides the mobile camera devices give a lot more possibilities than photography. They open the world in augmented reality.

Manufacturers of cameras ignore the progress and tried to steal the iPhone, some feature that would make their products more attractive in the face of the average consumer.

That is why, the sale of cameras, reaching a peak in 2010, sharply went on the decline. For 7 years the number of cameras sold fell from 121 million a year to 25 million. Almost 80%. And is the collapse, when it comes to the mass market. Of course, professional photographers will not give up their cameras for the iPhone, but ordinary people have done it already.

Keeping in mind all of this information should again think about the cost of the iPhone. And so it is expensive?. After all, this is not a phone. It’s still a lovely camera, the cost of which should be included in the price of Apple creations. The Corporation was deprived of the profits of many companies, making tiny lenses in smartphones worthy competitors Nikon, Canon, Leica, Hasselblad and others. Besides, we must not forget that this is still a game console, Navigator, voice recorder, music player, wallet. Swiss army knife, not a phone. We can only guess who’s the next victim. Plastic credit card or a portable console?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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