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It seemed to me that it is more convenient to resize pictures on my Mac is simply impossible. I can edit multiple images with the app “Preview”, and it copes with this task. If you want something more complex, you can open Pixelmator. It turns out there is another way. Colleagues from 9to5Mac told how you can quickly resize images with Automator.

  • Launch Automator on your Mac and create a new document.
  • As the document type select the type of “Service”.
  • In the section “Service receives selected” select type “image files”.
  • On the left under “Actions” select “Files and folders” and move to the right side of the window object to the specified object Finder”.
  • Then under “Actions” select the “Photo” and move it to the right side of the window object to Change the scale of images”.
  • In the pop up window click on the “do Not add”.
  • Then just specify the width of the image that you need to when zooming.
  • Click “File”, “Save” and give the name of your service.
  • Now you can click the right mouse button on any image in the Finder, choose in the list of “Services” of the newly created service, and the image size will be changed.
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