As if jobs responded to conflict Apple and the FBI

Once again Apple have managed to be in the spotlight, dividing the public into two opposing camps. The cause of disagreements was not just another presentation of the company’s products, and the continued upholding of the principles she preached. Wonder how it would react Steve jobs?

Curiously, the author of the idea of the protection of personal information of customers was Steve, repeatedly marking the importance and steadfastness of such a purely American thing as “privacy”. At the D8 conference, held in 2010, Steve jobs touched on this topic.

“Our views on privacy differ greatly from the views of our colleagues — started jobs. – We perceive [privacy policy] very seriously in all its manifestations. Even apps in your iPhone constantly ask if you want to track your location.

We work hard to make our customers feel safe. Simply speaking, privacy means people know what they sign […]. Many in Silicon valley think we’re old-fashioned because of the principles to which we adhere. Perhaps it is”.

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