As the exam generation laughed at the Russian 25-pound disc on 50 MB

The network has fun developed by the Russian enterprise INSTITUTE and W external hard disk GNI-M2.05 to 50 MB, which weighs 25 kg and is worth 3.7 million rubles. Users report that the drive can only be purchased in the mortgage and praised the success of the program of import substitution in the IT sector. “Ahaha, tears uthiram, well, that’s all you need to know about this country,” writes the Manager of Bob with the MacBook. In reality, the situation is somewhat different, says Ruslan Karimov.

It’s not a hard drive is block for, essentially, writing data to any industrial sensor. Which gives data flow in terms of the amount of level of RS – 232 port – in fact, regularly unloads a certain number. The composition of this unit includes an uninterruptible power supply, as well as specific drives.

Everything is done according to state Standards, 1987. There interface even MFM – such disks were to IDE. On guys with iPhones do not have to read, and then tears will come and uivisibility”.

Unlike consumer [***], which you through the media supposed to be updated every six months, for “a new shade of overflow area of the housing, prestigious in this season, there is a class of technology that works really difficult and very responsible task.

It’s a different logic and a different approach altogether.

You can for $1000 to sell something “as much as half a millimeter thinner”, and falling apart from falling off the table or breaking due to “too rapid insertion of the headphone plug” – but the satellite is not put.

You throw, giving the consumer qualities for the development, hayteh and breakthroughs, and in fact it is not. No hiteh in a new cool design case no. In stylish colors too.

The convenience of performing household functions – estimate, too. You can write a toy, and then endlessly improve the convenience of playing it in – progress this is not going anywhere, as caught [nonsense] drawn on the screen, and catch.

Estimate, then there are versions out there are changes, but there is no progress, and HiTech too.

If the input is a stream of data at 9600 baud, for record of this information for a long time, 50 MB is enough. More is simply not necessary. Here’s the shawl, no need to tears — in short, Yes, get 100 MB if you put, it is not “twice, which means twice as good,” and twice as unreliable.

Because the storage cell material less will. But if there terabyte drive to supply modern, which if it works at all from a failed transfer laptop breaks down, the product can not produce. Imagine – capacity 20,000 more will make the product is 20000 times better, and outside! Hard adult world.

There is rationing by congestion – up to 3600G. Three thousand six hundred. For one hundredth from this, any MacBook and any Intel CPU is not just not guaranteed to work, and are technical garbage.

This unit with its old MFM interface you can connect a cable length in hundreds of meters. Yes, and interference from this cable enough to lay it near power. And in the high-tech iPhone charging is shitty already through a cable a little longer than a meter.

About pickup and say there’s no point putting it near a source of EMI, need of power, you will end up losing the device forever. We can talk about compactness in this aspect – well, ” compact “can be near a high voltage line to use”?

Whatever new nVidia graphics cards with this, the new Intel processor, the new MacBook?

These glands are made since 1987. Because it is made then the equipment that interacts with them, still alive. While your appliances are “predictable obsolete” ordered by manufacturer time – and maintain the “phone of the last generation no one will release another iOS update, which all models, except the last, begin to slow down, and then just have all new updates after a warning will appear that need a new version of iOS.

And two years after shouting “Oh God what hayteh I bought” you are already with the ancient bricks from which it is necessary to get rid of, and then the new toy is not.

People who write about the price of the product (about 3 million) that will work 50 years, and do use the technique-level “well worked half a year and broke, and nothing about the new buy.” Reason [Yat].

To buy new. Not as a goof, with mobiles a year ago. Or not as a goof, with the machine as much as a three-year period. Once in half a year to bring the cache to a new BLOB somewhere where a pokemon does not change the picture since the conventional TV will be 4K resolution, that’s what progress is.

And, of course, moaning about the effectiveness of development. “And this here — developed, Yes, the money was spent.” This in a world where the result of two years of work the rich R&D centers in the richest hayteh companies of the world has become a new headphone Jack.

New hole is for sticking plug. In total she spent about $6 billion About what generally there is efficiency about? Or about the one where the rocket engines of the 60-ies it is impossible to make according to existing drawings because of the US budget is not enough and there is no qualified personnel?

This technique is to give the device a moment, almost 40 years ago, “well, that’s all you need to know about import substitution” – is predictable enough, as is generally the comparison of consumer devices (whose main task — to squeeze out of the buyer’s money, good looking, and no more — and then you can break, and does not meet the specifications) with industrial equipment or military class.

The calculation here is just for an audience in the Humanities blunt-“techno geeks” that are never anything but your home and office equipment have not seen, because it never worked.

Yes, and to make such product of the modern monsters like Intel or Apple most likely will not. Experience and achievements lost in the pursuit of mass money Housewives and vegans. Don’t be surprised, this has been — for example, “the successful American space program.”

So many times successfully flew, and then op — and all lost, no possibility to simply copy even those engines that were used — no. There 100% will be the same situation. So the meaning of something to compare what Russia can produce, with what in the US do not pull in because of a lack of competence?

Well it’s not revolutionary headphone Jack, can I think.

News detector, so to speak.

Use it just in this respect – that is, if a person is swallowed, he is not a techie.

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