Ask ModMac: display Replacement on an iPhone 7

Service center ModMac together with continues to answer the most common questions associated with the repair of Apple technology. Today’s edition is devoted to such operations as replacement of the display on the iPhone 7.

Apple would not be itself, if with every new device was not deteriorated maintainability of the latter. Was no exception and iPhone 7: new design Home button complicated system of loops, making it more prone to damage. In addition, the train was moved from the top to the bottom, and it is also necessary to pay attention at repair.

Display replacement iPhone 7 begins with treatment of the perimeter of the body heat. This will allow to more carefully remove the display without damaging the rubber sizing which provides water resistance smartphone.

Interestingly, for mounting the internal components are now used not cross, and three-prong screws. So new inconvenience not only to users who have to use an adapter for headphones, but also a master repairman, forcing them to buy a special screwdriver.

The ribbon cable connecting the screen and motherboard, you must disconnect using the special plastic spatula. This will minimize the risk of possible damage to the contacts. Next, you need to remove the old rubber sizing, which consists of four parts: top, bottom and sides.

Dismounting the display module we begin with the ear speaker, ambient light sensor and front camera. After removing the protective screen will be accepted for the removal of the Home button, which is due to the updated design attached to the front panel a little differently than the iPhone 6s. After complete dismantling the old display component is sent for recycling.

Shot the components we carefully set for the new display module in the reverse sequence. Before installing the screen housing be sure to install a new layer of rubber sticking to the iPhone has retained its water-repellent qualities. The final touch is the plug-in display cables to the motherboard and finish the installation of the display.

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Ask ModMac: display Replacement on an iPhone 7

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