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Service center ModMac together with continues to answer the most common questions associated with the repair of Apple technology. Today’s edition is devoted to issues related to iPad repair.

The main problem of our customers related to the repair of the “Apple tablet” — broken glass (touchscreen). How to protect yourself in a broken display and what to do before go to service center?

If You broke your iPad screen, the algorithm of further actions is no different from a similar situation with the iPhone. If the device is not installed protective film, we recommend you to glue the broken piece of glass or transparent tape to try and carefully remove all protruding parts, and then stick the film. This will help protect your fingers from cuts, and will also make it possible to work on the tablet, if necessary. But you must understand that this is a temporary solution, and in any case you need to contact the service, before the touchscreen will start working correctly or shuts down altogether.

How long it takes to replace the glass on your iPad?

To replace glass iPad 2/3/4, Air 1, Mini 1,2,3, master on average will require about 2 hours. Carefully removed the broken glass, avoiding damage to the cables, and then removed the factory a layer of double-sided tape, glued around the perimeter of the new layer, connected the touch screen and then put the new glass.

The iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 display is a prefabricated module that consists of a matrix touchscreen and protective glass, which is why the price is higher than the price to repair iPad previous generations, because in fact you are changing not only the glass touchscreen, but the display.

In the fall/impact or other circumstances, except the glass may shatter and the display itself. In this case, the substitution matrix, the repair cost will increase at least 2 times. Before going to service center you can see a broken area on the subject of image distortion, flicker, black areas and bands, if any of the above is observed – most likely, replacement of the matrix; but in any case they have to replace you will tell the master after the diagnosis of the device.

The fall jammed the corners and pushed/broke the glass or the display module, what to do?

It’s very simple – come to us and we will rectify the jam special device G-tool, mentioned earlier, and then put your old glass (if it didn’t break in the fall) to a new tape or replace with new.

What are the consequences of using an iPad with a broken or loose glass?

In place of exfoliation can get water drops can cause harm both to the touchscreen and the motherboard. If you have a big dust under the glass on the display will spot, which is, unfortunately, impossible to break during the repair, and the only option is to replace the matrix.

Can I charge iPad with iPhone charger? Not does it harm the device?

Of course, you can, as long as the cable and the block was original. The difference will be only in the speed of charging, as the native adapter to the iPad 2 And produces, and for iPhone is only 1 amp charge rate will fall by about 2 times. It is also worth remembering that a fully discharged iPad just will not turn on when power supply is from iPhone.

Why may not work properly with the touchscreen? Could this be related to the case?

If you have already changed the touch screen, the problem may be poor quality parts. iPad 1,2,3,4 is very sensitive to the curved housing and if water gets inside the device it can affect the touchscreen. There were times when we were brought an iPad 2 that had installed glass with touch from 3rd, and the trail was built 3 times. However, it is not always the cause of incorrect operation is the touch screen sometimes becomes the cause of a motherboard – or rather the chip touchscreen. If they did, the repair will cost a pretty penny, as it will need soldering, and it is known to be one of the hardest jobs in the repair.

Not charging, not working buttons increase/decrease volume or non-working Power button/Home – what could be the reason?

As a rule, the iPad stops charging because of damage to the connector, and, as a result of incorrect recognition of the charging cable. The main reasons are too much dust in the connector and sloppy installation of the iPad on charging. In the first case, help basic cleaning connector, you can do it yourself, such as a toothpick, but if you do not help, the problem will only replace a lower loop.

All the problems with broken buttons associated with the failure of plumes, each plume as a complex element has its unknown lifespan and breaks down over time. Also it is affected by the number of clicks on the button, power, tilt (because each button has its own minimal backlash), and, of course, possible ingress of water into the gap between the housing and the buttons.

How to protect your iPad and to avoid its damage?

We offer our customers a large selection of holsters that cover the front and/or rear of the tablet. Case that protect both sides, protects the body from scratches and the display from chipping. It is also possible to install a protective glass 9H hardness, and different thickness of 0.25 mm to 0.33 mm and even 0.5 mm.

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