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Service center ModMac together with continues to answer the most common questions associated with the repair of Apple technology. Today’s edition is dedicated to issues related to repair your iPhone.

When you upgrade, restore your phone, iTunes gives an error, nothing to do with the device fails.

Indeed, when different kinds of defects in iTunes, an error occurs that can be associated with a cable with which you connect to the computer, and with serious violations in the work of the motherboard, micro-cracks, malfunction of the chip nand-flash memory, processor, modem processor, etc.

You can go to the Apple website and see what is your error in the list displayed all kinds of errors and what they are connected. Some violations, unfortunately, resolve does not work, as it damaged one of the fundamental circuits located on the Board. But it is also necessary to know that even the worst mistake, for example, the ninth, you can fix by perepolkin battery. So, before you panic and take hasty decisions, take Your device to a service center, where the wizard will check the device, determines what caused the error and, most likely, it will eliminate.

To avoid errors in your device, we strongly recommend to use the original cable and only licensed software.

With time on my iPhone has ceased to operate the buttons, why? And what to do with it?

Blame the trains, most often this problem occurs in iPhone 5 fails Power button: worse first she responds, then works only when pressed hard, and then just stops working. This same problem is repeated in other models, the only way to cure this disease is to replace the loop. Buttons can deny and because of the exposure of a conductive liquid, as iPhone is not protected from water, and frequently when using the phone with wet hands or in rain the liquid flows between the housing and the button, in this case will help cleaning and replacement of the train.

There are several workarounds that will help you to use your iPhone before going to the service center: to turn on iPhone with broken Power button, you need to put it on charge; to solve the problem with a broken Home button, there is a special tool “assistive touch” which is displayed and gives the ability to simulate pressing the Home button to enable it in the settings of your device.

Not included the phone, why and what to do?

The reasons can be many, let’s consider the most common situations and their solutions:

  • Phone for a long time not used, set to charge ā€“ charge indication no. Nothing terrible, due to the fact that the phone is long charged, the battery is so badly discharged that it has no minimum voltage required to switch the device on. Wait 15 minutes, and the iPhone should turn on. This is probably the only option that requires treatment by professionals, in all other cases, the device would have to carry on the diagnosis and repair.
  • Not working Power button.
  • Failed battery.
  • Corrupted matrix, and does not transmit the picture: this often occurs when falling or strong pressure to the display, for example, if you get on iPhone)
  • Problems related to the motherboard: the failure of the chip, which outputs images on the display, cracks in the Board itself, problems with the processor, problems with the primary supply circuit which iPhone simply won’t charge.
  • Diagnostics device in the service center takes about 10 minutes, and you will know what the cause of how to fix it and how much it will cost.

    What would you recommend to protect the iPhone?

    In the first place, all iPhone owners who want to preserve the original beauty of your device, I suggest the tight silicone cases that are a little go on display, also there are various plastic lining, which in the fall will protect the back of the case from scratches and dents and glass when dropped on a corner.

    Including suggest install protective glass, they will save the display when you drop an iPhone, and, of course, will protect it from scratches in everyday use. Now there’s a novelty ā€“ 3D-glass, which completely covers the upper part of the module and will certainly protect it if dropped. However, the simplest and perhaps the best option is the use of ordinary glass hardness 9H with cover, stood up to display, so you can protect and display, and the back and corners of iPhone.

    On this day, stay tuned on the website in the app and on the YouTube channel!

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