ASUS has introduced a wireless router Blue Cave with an unusual design

ASUS has introduced wireless router Blue Cave, which is unusual. The white body of the device is decorated with a through hole in the center, stylized to some sort of cave with blue edging. At first glance, the gadget is more reminiscent of bladeless fan, and not a device for Internet sharing.

According to representatives of the company Asus, Blue Cave provides “uninterrupted access, and “smart” data protection”. This means dual-band Wi-Fi module with high-speed characteristics of the class AC2600 (up to 1.7 Gbps on the 5 GHz band, and 800 Mbits/c to 2.4 GHz) due to new chips from Intel and protection for “each connected device,” thanks to technology, Trend Micro.

According to the statement from ASUS, the router allows you to stream 4K videos without delays and failures. Blue Cave supports IFTTT, which allows you to create “recipes” to simplify work with the services. The unique design of the device can not hide behind other electronics and not put on a distant shelf.

With the router you can work through a mobile application. Using the program on your phone it is enabled and configured. It will show statistics of traffic consumed, as well as to offer network administration — set individual settings for connection to a gadgets individually or by device type.

Special attention was paid to security issues of wireless network that is responsible for the interaction of the components of the “smart” home and work tech appliances. Here the proper level of protection provides a proprietary software solution from Trend Micro designed to protect the user from hacker attacks. Among other things, it sends notifications about new devices in the network.

The cost of the ASUS router Blue Cave will be approximately $180. The timing of the release of the device, the company didn’t mention anything.

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