At heart we’re all a little bit of Belarusians at the start of sales of the new iPhone, no one came

Journalists portal TUT.BY found that Minsk is not interested in the release of the new iPhone: in the morning of 26 October, the main reseller was empty. We evaluated how well the new gadget from Apple in other countries.

In Russia pre-order the iPhone XR started on 19 October and 26 October, the delivery time is increased from one to three or five working days; this suggests that there is demand for novelty, and probably all because of its budget price.

We will remind that on September 28, the day of the official start of sales iPhone XS and XS Max in Russia, in front of the store re:Store on Tverskaya street all gathered, but first bought the flagship of the 247-th person standing in front of him people were going to sell their seats at exorbitant prices, but they have failed.

In other countries, the flagships from Apple also did not cause much stir, for example, in new York, the queue was half the normal, and the people of Europe were outraged by the high cost of smartphones (then, however, it is still lined up). Noteworthy Singapore: sitting in the queue people Huawei has started to distribute power-bank, thereby trying trolling Apple.

Probably Tim cook tried to rectify the situation and to launch a more budget news visited the Apple store in Milan. However, the main buyers still were those who pre-ordered; this is the situation in Sydney and London.

Belarus is really distracting from some of these countries, its uncompromising: the start of sales of Apple products have never been for this country a loud event, but in 2016 at the doors of shops was a small place, and in 2017, the new iPhone can be bought in the first minute after the start of sales (and someone even bought it). But such that for the first half hour in the store no one even came didn’t happen.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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