At the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards has identified the best smartphone of the year

Edition TechRadar spent 17 th ceremony Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, which were named the best phone of 2017 and the winners in many other categories.

The fifth of October in London was held the ceremony Awards Mobile Choice Customers 2017, on which were marked the best achievements in the field of mobile technology. The best-known industry brands come together to compete for the title of “Phone of the year”. Best phone selected was the Samsung Galaxy S8. Smartphone from Samsung were ahead of the competition from Google, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia and Sony and also got the title of “Best camera”.

The biggest surprise, perhaps, was the victory of the smartphone Honor Huawei 9 in the category “Best price (300 euros)”.

The winner in the nomination “Best price (150 euros)” was the Motorola Moto E4, which is bypassed Huawei Honor 5C, new Nokia 3310, Samsung Galaxy J3, Vodafon Smart N8 and Sony Xperia XA.

Apple Watch 2 won in the category “Best smart watches”, and the Fitbit Charge 2 has been awarded “Best wearable device for fitness”.

The award for “Best plug-in gadget of the year” received column Google Home thanks to the excellent design, intuitive responses the assistant to Google and excellent sound.

In addition, changes every year the process of buying a new phone, so in this area also identified the leader. The winner in the nomination “the Best online retail seller” became Amazon.

Last year best phone on version, TechRadar is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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