At WWDC Apple will show a budget version of the HomePod

Before the start of WWDC less than a week, so it’s time for predictions. Analyst gene Munster believes that Apple will show smart column Beats cost $ 250.

At WWDC Apple will show a budget version of the HomePod

In his opinion, the presentation will be Siri-centric. Gin does not make specific predictions, but suggests that the intelligent assistant can integrate with the Spotlight search, and to empower HomePod to keep up with competitors.

In particular, Munster expects that Apple will introduce a more affordable smart speaker with built-in Siri. The company can succeed with a column value of 250 U.S. dollars, as sales HomePod failed, mainly because of the price.

Premium speaker Apple costs to customers in 349 USD is about 2-3 times more expensive than similar products on the market. People do not want to overpay for the brand, getting the column with the set of constraints.

Representatives from Apple themselves announced that it will release the speaker Beats AirPlay support 2. But about smart features or the integration of Siri was not stated. In any case, the wait is long – the presentation will be held on the fourth of June.

Also, the analyst believes that special attention at WWDC can be given to augmented reality and artificial intelligence. It is reported that Apple will introduce new domains for the platform machine learning Core ML, and fresh ARKit tools for developers.

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