AT&T announced the launch of the rival Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV

One of the largest telecommunications companies in the U.S. AT&T announced its new online service channels. The official launch of a service called DirectTV Now scheduled for 1 December.

DirectTV NOW is a video streaming service that created the “new technology platform” that allows users to watch shows and movies anytime and on any device — including via the application on the smartphone. To connect to the service is not required to connect additional equipment.

In order to attract the attention of customers to its new service, AT&T offers connectivity to more than 100 channels satellite TV $ 35. The company argues that it is time offer. In total, the service offers four packages of services from 60 to over 120 channels of cost from 35 to 70 dollars a month.

Additionally, when you prepay three months of service AT&T provides customers access to Apple TV, but if prepaid one month access to Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Using Apple TV users can enjoy the service of streaming video and audio. The cost of the device with support for voice assistant Siri is $149.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is also a set top box, but it is made in the form of a dongle. It also allows its users to connect to the service streaming video and audio. The game console manufacturer focuses on its small size and high performance. The cost is $40.

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