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It is considered that various appliances as separates a child from the learning process and learning something new. Many do – it is necessary to leave a toddler alone with your tablet or phone as it will immediately see the browser, YouTube browser, and an incredible mix in peppa” and “spider-Man”. But technology can serve – there are a whole lot of cool applications that will help parents in the upbringing and training. For example, audio books – the best representative of this segment and today we take a look at.

“Congratulations, you found a unique application” – welcomes in the App Store page AudioBaby, and is, perhaps, the only case when the author is not lying: it is. The application itself is a collection of children’s works, Packed (mostly) in the auditory envelope. Idea what is there, not new – even in the pages of MacDigger you could see a lot of reviews of similar programs. Mainly AudioBaby that so large of a collection you have never seen.

Bend your fingers. Audio filmstrips, lullabies, classical music, tales in pictures; there is a separate text version. Only the application of more than three thousand works – your child will grow up, go to school, there will be a second, and you never run out of this bottomless Cup of the best representatives of folklore.

Of course, artworks are not sewn in the app itself – there is only a link to them and beautifully painted player, where the audio will be played. To enjoy the work, you need to click the download. Standard mobile Internet is usually enough to go well. And then you do not need, and no connection – downloaded tales remain in the application.

When the tale (or something else) will be downloaded, you can delete it after listening or to include in the chosen playlist – where you can store your favorite pieces. Given how the vast database application, this possibility has to be very helpful.

Other important advantages of the application – in addition to the above functions, you can… to tell the tale. Well, why not? A child listening to the parent voice is always more pleasant than the tone professional, but unfamiliar artist. It looks like this: the screen crawling text, microphone says, and you recite. Here it much depends on your imagination – how to play voice, put background music and do more straying from topic.

The financial aspect is very simple. The app is a paid app, but buying it once, you will receive the entire volume of children’s products forever without any restrictions. To buy separately the tale, as is common in many applications, do not ask. You will also receive all updates to the collection for free until the end of life.

Pages AudioBaby and in the online store, and in the group in the social network – you can see hundreds of positive reviews – this is the case, when their sincerity don’t doubt. AudioBaby – excellent probably the best app that you can only get it in Russian App Store. Be sure everyone who has children.

Download AudioBaby for iPhone and iPad at this link.
Download AudioBaby for Android here.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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