Austrian collector does not know where to store 1100 Mac

Roland Bor repairs Apple computers since 1980-ies. During this time he collected the world’s largest private collection of Mac, and he doesn’t know where its stored, because on a former warehouse space is running out.

According to Reuters, the collection Bor has more than 1100 computers. This is two times more than the number of exhibits in the Apple Museum in Prague, which has 472 devices.

After 2018, Apple opened its first store in Vienna, the business Throws began to bring him a little money, and he had to close his service center.

Bor holds a large part of the collection in the warehouse, but after closing the Studio he can’t pay the rent in Vienna. The other part is in temporary exhibitions.

A collector willing to sell the computers to someone who can place them on permanent display, and close its debt, which is about $ 30,000. Otherwise he will have to get rid of the collection.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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