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Deleted app back in the App Store34 comment

Last week many iPhone and iPad users began to note the disappearance of the application from the tab “Purchase” the App Store. Was wondering what is the reason for selective removal of apps, and the answer to that question remained a mystery until an official comment from Apple. However, recently the app began to return to the appropriate section.

For example, if on Thursday users could not install Tweetbot 3 from the tab “Buy”, but on Sunday the application again became available, …


Apple changes App prices in Store25 review

I think that every Russian owner of the gadgets from Apple have noticed a recent increase in the price of Apple devices and apps in the App store. But this negative trend can be observed not only in Russia. Recently Apple raised the price in the European and canadian App Store on their devices in Brazil.

For example, the minimum app price in the UK increased from 69 pence to 79 pence, whereas in the rest of Europe the increase was from 89 cents to 99 cents. In Canada, the price jumped …


Apple increases the price of apps in the App Store18 review

Even forgot what it was like to see one night the price tag on apps in the App Store, and in the morning — quite different? Apple does not change their practice to raise the price of the programme depending on the currency fluctuation and today sent out letters to developers with the appropriate explanations.

This time under the blow did not hit Russia, Australia, Sweden and Indonesia. According to representatives of Apple, the changes associated with currency fluctuations, resulting …


How to install the app to bypass App Store35 review

We are often asked how to install an application, bypassing the App Store. iOS 9 together with the utility to develop programs Xcode version 7.0 was finally able to answer this question, and with the official permission of the company Apple.

With the latest version of Xcode and iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 on the Board, you can install many apps without the App Store (so called sideload). Of course it is better to download apps only from trusted developers, otherwise you risk to trust all …


Apple missed the “forbidden” app in the app Store17 review

Moderators sometimes miss the App Store in the Apple store of questionable apps. And all anything, Yes only sometimes employees of the company from Cupertino is indeed working not in favor of his employer. For example, passing an adblocker for Safari and apps on your iPhone.

App Been Choice helps to filter out advertisements in browser and apps — even Facebook or Apple News. In fact, Apple limits itself and publishers in obtaining additional (and legal) income.

According to the …


Missed in the Apple App Store malicious prilojeniya review

It seems that the myth of security App Store, soon to be finally dispelled. SourceDNA analytical service, which specializes in monitoring and analysis of the operating systems iOS and Android, found in Apple’s app store more than 250 applications that collect personal user data, including email address Apple ID and the serial number of the device.

For this application used a Chinese third-party advertising SDK called Youmi, which, incidentally, are prohibited by App Store rules. Only …