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Samsung called the month of the start of sales of the smartphone with a folding display

In mid-April, Samsung postponed the start of sales of Galaxy Fold because of problems with the screen: many journalists testing the phone complained of a breakdown. Now the company has officially announced that the device will go on sale in September.

According to the press release, in a revision of Galaxy Fold v1.1, Samsung changed the protective film of the folding display – now users cannot easily remove it. The manufacturer improved the hinge protection against clogging and reduced the clearance between the folding mechanism and the housing.

Galaxy smartphone will be available in several countries, but Samsung did not name the markets and the exact date of commencement of sales.

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Nintendo will launch an exclusive Switch bundle with Disney characters

Nintendo has announced a new console console Switch, dedicated to the popular Disney Tsum-Tsum franchise, which will be released exclusively in Japan.

The package will include the new game Tsum-Tsum Festival, the Switch Switch second console with pink patterns and the Disney logo, the Tsum-Tsum docking station, and the pink and purple Joy-Con with Mickey Mouse on the Home button.

The Nintendo Switch Tsum-Tsum Festival package will go on sale from October 10 at a price of 36,080 yen (about 21,000 rubles).

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Microsoft accidentally opened the Windows 10 insider assembly with a modified Start menu

Microsoft has released the internal assembly of Windows 10 at number 18947 with a completely modified Start menu, accidentally opening it for all participants of the insider program. It is assumed that the new design is designed for Windows Lite.

The new Start menu supports the dark mode, the application tiles are replaced with a regular grid of icons. It also has an area of ​​recommended applications, which is formed on the basis of other running programs or frequently used applications.

Build 18947 is intended for internal use, so in the public version of the Microsoft operating system may refuse to change the interface.

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French inventor flew half the English Channel on a jet hoverboard

French inventor Frankie Zapata failed to cross the English Channel on the hoverboard he created with five jet engines. He fell into the water half way, trying to dock with the boat accompanying him for refueling. Zapata himself was not injured.

Zapa flew to the hoverboard from the French city of Calais and planned to reach the UK in 20 minutes. He managed to overcome more than 20 km. Before the fall, the Zapata hoverboard reached a speed of 140 km / h and flew at a height of 15-20 meters above the water.

The inventor timed his attempt to the 110th anniversary of the flight over La Mansh Louis Breleau. The inventor team expressed their disappointment – they have trained refueling many times.

About the reactive board it became known during the Paris parade on the occasion of the …


Hackers can determine the phone number by AirDrop

A group of hexway hackers was able to get an iPhone phone number via Bluetooth. They claim that they wanted to check the slogan “What is happening on the iPhone, remains on the iPhone,” which Apple uses to advertise the security of its devices.

They managed to intercept the data packets transmitted by the devices when Bluetooth is turned on. Then they studied what data they contained.

According to hackers, AirDrop sends encrypted packets with a phone number so that the receiving device finds it in the contact list.

Anyone who has a script can take advantage of the vulnerability to collect the numbers of all people who use the Share feature in iOS in a public place.

Similarly, you can get encrypted Apple ID, mail and phone number. To do this, you need to intercept the package when the …


Verizon Mobile Operator Confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Design

An image of the unannounced Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphones from Verizon operator has got into the Internet. The photo confirms previous rumors about device design.

In the announcement, Verizon promises customers a second Galaxy Note 10 as a gift when placing a pre-order for the 5G version of the smartphone Note 10+ with reference to the operator – to do this, select one of the unlimited data plans.

The 5G version of Note 10+ is expected to get a 6.8-inch display with QHD + resolution, an Exynos 9825 or Snapdragon 855+ processor, depending on the region, as well as 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory.

The presentation of Galaxy Unpacked, on which Samsung will show new smartphones, will be held on August 7th.

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Apple has registered new iPad and iMac models in Russia

In the base of the Eurasian Economic Commission appeared records of two new models of the iPad. Apple will probably replace the 9.7-inch iPad with a 10.2-inch iPad. New models appear in the database under the identifiers A2200 and A2232.

In early July, the company registered five unannounced tablets on the iPadOS 13 under the numbers A2197, A2228, A2068, A2198 and A2230.

Among other Apple devices in the ECE base are several iMac and iMac Pro models with macOS Catalina pre-installed, which makes it possible to expect an improvement in hardware.

Apple is expected to introduce new tablets and updated computers in November.

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Google brings together units of artificial intelligence and unmanned vehicles

Waymo unmanned vehicle engineers teamed up with AI researchers from DeepMind (both owned by Alphabet) to customize more accurate and efficient autonomous machine algorithms.

Waymo will be able to easily rebuild control algorithms thanks to the population-based training (PBT) technique that DeepMind has developed to improve video game algorithms. PBT accelerates the artificial evolution of machine code – the algorithm selects the code from the most effective commands. The technique reduces the power of the computer to retrain the neural network and speeds up development by half.

Now the drones operate on the usual transport control code and numerous machine algorithms that determine in real time the road lines, signs, other cars and pedestrians. Each new version of the system is strictly checked before launch.

Google experts believe that the automation of learning AI and the effectiveness of the development …


Ships Mask will not "sweat"

The creator of SpaceX, Ilon Musk, said during the online broadcast of the launch of the Cargo Dragon rocket that the reusable orbital spacecraft Starship will use ceramic tiles for thermal protection.

When entering the Mars orbit, the nose of the rocket heats up to 1480 ° C, while the steel melts at 1315 ° C. In February, Musk noted that the steel body of the rocket would be cooled due to “sweating”, that is, cold fuel that would leak through special openings in the outer shell.

It quickly became clear that such a design change could either delay the launch of a starship rocket or make it difficult to reuse it, so the company returned to the traditional protection option. Now ceramic panels are being tested.

In July, Ilon Mark promised that test flights would begin in September or …


Vivo will launch the world's first smart phone with a display full faceplate

The Ice Universe blogger posted on Twitter a photograph of the Vivo Nex 3 display protective glass, which is expected to be released soon. According to him, the uniqueness of the not yet announced smartphone is that the screen will occupy the entire front panel and side faces of the gadget.

The insider also noted that in the NEX 3 there will be no cutout for the front camera in the display. It can be retractable. Or the manufacturer will place it under the display – in the recently shown prototypes of Xiaomi and Oppo.

Perhaps Vivo will generally give up the selfie camera in the smartphone. The company has already resorted to a controversial decision, releasing the Vivo APEX 2019 – a phone without a single connector.

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