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Apple closes their store in Japan

Apple closes their store in Japan. According to the publication 9to5Mac, this outlet was the smallest of all the sites owned by American companies.

Information portal 9to5Mac reported on Apple’s plans to close its store in Japan. It clarifies the issue, it is located in Sendai, in the shopping area, Ichibancho. For a long time, this store was one of the small dots Apple in the world.

The store was opened in December 2005, becoming the sixth Apple retailer in Japan. For some years, …


Why Apple’s future became hazy as ever

The Apple company is going through hard times: the demand for the new iPhone leaves much to be desired, and the stock price continues to fall. CNN journalists tried to figure out what’s wrong with the current policy of the company, and what you need to take to regain her leading position in the market.

The problem in heir jobs?

After the death of Steve jobs in 2011, analysts were convinced that the heir of Steve jobs, Tim cook can save Apple from the predicted decline. However, …


Belkin introduced the first MFi cable USB to Lightning C

Today, January 7, at CES 2019 Belkin announced the first Apple-approved USB cables-C to Lightning as part of his new series BoostCharge.

As you know, the only way to take advantage of fast charge on the latest models of iPhone are USB cables-C to Lightning. But until today, Apple didn’t allow anyone to produce this kind of cables.

Now Belkin has introduced cables that are MFi certified, length of 1.2 meters, 1.8 meters and 3 meters in black or white color. The cost of this “wire” is …


WSJ: iPhone XR is the phone that will bring Apple

Edition of the Wall Street Journal published an article about why the Apple iPhone XR brings a lot of problems. The article says that it’s too early to call the iPhone XR “failure”, although it is difficult to deny the problems faced by the device.

Most iPhone problems XR experiences in the Chinese market. With a starting price of 6499 yuan, or about 945 dollars, many buyers believe iPhone XR too expensive. With this iPhone XR is 25% cheaper than the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

In …


iPhone lose it “bangs” in the year of 2020

iPhone 2019’ll get the same “Bang” as his predecessors. This was reported by blogger Ice Universe, who previously published insider information about future smartphones Apple and Samsung.

It is no secret that the new Apple smartphones the same design of its predecessors for several years. So it was with the iPhone 6 form factor which is still in use on the iPhone 8. As found by the blogger Ice Universe, who has repeatedly published on Twitter various inside information on new products …


NVIDIA has released a budget graphics card with the ray tracing

NVIDIA announced a new graphics processor RTX 2060 the middle class at CES 2019. New GPU was presented during a company presentation at CES 2019.

According to CEO Jensen Huang, RTX 2060 will offer more performance than 1070 Ti. He also noted that the new 60% faster than the GTX 1060. According to the manufacturer, this graphics card can play Battlefield V with ray tracing at 60 frames per second at high settings and 1440p resolution, provided that the computer has the Intel Core i9. …


Asus unveiled rival MacBook Pro

At CES 2018, Asus showed the laptop StudioBook S. Despite the presence of 17-inch screen size the device no more than 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Asus has announced a laptop for professionals StudioBook S. It is equipped with 17-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels. The display supports the color gamut of DCI-P3 and has aspect ratio of 16:10.

In the maximum configuration StudioBook S available Intel Xeon E-2176M c graphics Nvidia Quadro P3200, 64GB RAM and 4TB of SSD. …


Apple sees RCS as a replacement for SMS

Apple is discussing the possibility of implementing the standard RCS in their devices. Call it an updated version of SMS. The development and promotion of RCS in by the leading mobile operators, Google and Microsoft.

On Reddit appeared slide October the presentation of the GSMA — trade organization that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. According to this slide, “Apple has discussed with the GSMA and operators of the RCS implementation in iOS.”

The slide …


Opinion wall street: Apple is not buy Disney

CNBC asked several bankers on wall street, is Apple with all the current issues to acquire Disney. The answer was negative.

According to bankers, if the company now will make a big deal, losing hundreds of billions of market value, it will be simply destroyed by the market. The fourth quarter of cupertinos closed from $237.1 billion in cash. Purchase Disney for $200 billion will be unprecedented and very unusual step for the company.

Tim cook on this account speaks flowery and …


Targus has introduced a backpack with built-in wireless charging for smartphones

The famous manufacturer of backpacks Targus introduced a new model Targus Mobile VIP+ with built-in battery and stand for Qi wireless charging in one of the side pockets.

The charger holds the phone in place to charge, even during movement. Pocket can fit any smartphone size iPhone Max XS in the leather Apple smart cover.

Qi cradle is connected to the internal battery using a standard USB cable, so it can be replaced by powerbank with greater capacity. In addition, in the backpack …