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Apple asks to reduce tariffs on the import of its components from China to the USA

After transferring parts of production to China, Apple asks the US government to reduce the 25 percent tariff on importing components of the new Mac Pro and various accessories, such as Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, reports Bloomberg.

According to the documents, the US administration promises to reduce import tariffs if companies can prove that components or devices can only be manufactured in China. Apple relies on this in all of its requests.

The new Mac Pro will be producing the Quanta Computer plant in China. The previous generation Mac Pro 2013 was built in Texas – it was the only Apple hardware product available in the United States.

25 percent tariffs on imports from China will affect the cost of Apple products. The company warns the US government that it will threaten Apple’s global competitiveness and, as a result, …


Honor ahead of Apple in the release of a 16-inch laptop

Chinese brand Honor (owned by Huawei) introduced the 16.1-inch MagicBook Pro laptop. The company decided to get ahead of Apple, which may release a 16-inch MacBook Pro in November. Laptop Honor is not only very similar to the MacBook Pro, but also called consonant.

The manufacturer claims that the MagicBook Pro is smaller and lighter than the 15-inch MacBook Pro, while having a larger display diagonal. The screen is 16.1 inches occupies 90% of the case area, its resolution is 1920×1280 pixels.

In terms of performance, the Honor notebook is closer to the MacBook Air and the basic MacBook Pro models. It will be available in two trim levels: with an Intel Core i5 processor and an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor. MagicBook Pro also received an NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics card, 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB …


Japan made Olympic medals from recycled gadgets

The authorities of Tokyo presented the Olympic medals of 2020 – the precious metal for them was extracted from unused gadgets.

In April 2017, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee launched a two-year campaign to collect electronic devices to extract metals and make awards. In total, the Japanese donated 78,895 tons of gadgets, including 6.21 million mobile phones. From devices managed to get 32 ​​kg of gold, 3500 kg of silver and 2200 kg of bronze.

In the medals for the first place used more than 6 grams of gold plating on pure silver. Medals for second place are made of pure silver, while bronze medals are coated with red brass alloy and consist of 95% copper and 5% zinc.

The awards received the following dimensions: diameter 85 mm, thickness from 7.7 mm to 12.1 mm. The design of the Olympic …


Lyft published datasets of its unmanned vehicles

The American service of fellow travelers Lyft laid out in a general access dataset their unmanned vehicles. The base includes almost 55,000 frames from cameras on machines, the objects on them are marked up by people. The database will be useful to other researchers who work on autonomous machines.

The unit Lyft Level 5 is responsible for the development of unmanned vehicles and data collection. The system installed on the vehicles includes seven cameras and three lidars and provides a three-dimensional image. In his blog, Lyft notes that the department has been working on hardware and software for the past two years. The company plans to publish data further.

Now Lyft is improving the third generation of autonomous cars, which uses an array of sensors with its own patented ultra-HDR camera.

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LG will add AirPlay 2 and HomeKit features to TVs until the end of July

In 2019, LG released its first HomeKit and AirPlay 2-enabled TVs.

At the presentation, the manufacturer promised to add these features in the summer of this year. Now the Australian representation of LG has reported on Twitter that HomeKit and AirPlay 2 on LG TVs will work in late July.

Support representatives point out that users will need to upgrade their iPhone to iOS 12.4 to take advantage of these features.

Thanks to AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support, TVs will be displayed in the Home app on iOS, and you can even control them with HomePod.

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New details about the iPhone 2019 have become known

It has long been no secret that Apple will show in September three new iPhones, which will be the successors of the XS, XS Max and XR. How they will look, you can read here. But some characteristics of these smartphones are still not known. New details revealed the developer and editor of 9to5Mac Guillermo Rambo.

With reference to its sources, Rambo claims that all three models will receive the updated Taptic Engine. The code name is Leap Haptics. At the same time, the iPhone will lose 3D Touch.

The new iPhones will be equipped with a 7-nanometer A13 processor, which is listed in the company's internal documents as the Cebu T8030.

Big changes are waiting for the front camera – it will be able to shoot slow-motion videos at a speed of 120 frames per second.

The third camera …


Lenovo smartphones will return to the Russian market (updated)

Mobilidi (part of the RDC Group holding), the distributor of Chinese brands Xiaomi and Hisense, has signed an exclusive distribution contract with Lenovo, Kommersant reports.

Smartphones will be sold in the online store Lenovo.Store, Hitbuy retail network and networks of federal retailers, for example, “Svyaznoy — Euroset” and “M.Video-Eldorado”.

Lenovo will introduce smartphones in Russia worth 6-14 thousand rubles. Retailers hope that in two years the company will take up to 5% of the niche in the budget price segment, which is now actively growing. However, Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin doubts that Lenovo will be able to successfully compete with Samsung, Honor and Xiaomi in terms of price-quality.

Lenovo occupied 7% of the Russian market in units until the beginning of 2017, when the company focused on promoting the Motorola brand. For the year, the figure fell to …


iPhone XR – the most popular Apple smartphone in the US

The iPhone XR became the best-selling Apple smartphone in the third fiscal quarter of 2019. This follows from a report published by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR accounted for 67% of total iPhone sales in the United States in the third quarter of 2019, with the iPhone XR alone accounting for 48%.

Moreover, CIRP notes that since 2015, no iPhone model has so convincingly dominated. Then most buyers chose the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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New Hyperloop Capsule Speed ​​Record Installed

The team of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) at the fourth annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition student marathon broke its last year record (457 km / h) and reached a maximum speed of 463 km / h capsule.

Contestants are developing special bobsleigh-sized capsules that must overcome the Ilona Mask vacuum tunnels. Each team was advised by experts from SpaceX and the Boring Company.

In total, more than 700 students from around the world took part in the marathon. Applications were submitted by 21 teams, only four managed to launch the capsules. Other competitors – EPFL and Swissloop – accelerated to a speed of 238 km / h and 257 km / h, respectively. Participants of four successful teams were offered jobs in the companies of Ilona Musk.

The length of the test tunnel in 2019 was 1.2 km. …


India launched to the Moon orbital module with a lunar rover

On July 22, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched to the Moon the orbital station Chandrayaan-2 with the Pragyan lunar rover.

Pragyan is equipped with solar panels, from which it must work for at least one lunar day – 14 Earth days. During this time, the lunar rover will collect data on the lunar surface. It is expected that the orbital module will remain in operation for about a year.

Landing apparatus at the south pole of the moon is scheduled for September 6 or 7. In the case of the success of the mission “Chandrayaan-2”, India will become the fourth country after the United States, the USSR and China, which has landed its moon rover on the satellite.

The first lunar expedition of India "Chandrayaan-1" took place in 2008. Then the orbital module checked the Moon for …