Autopilot Apple will make smarter for all road users

Apple has filed a patent application on autopilot system that works with the help of artificial intelligence. This publication reports Cult of Mac.

The document describes the Autonomous navigation system is able to learn from the actions of the driver. Instead of using algorithms and sensors to create a route, Apple will analyze the work of man.

While the driver is driving, autopilot collects data about the route. When they will have accumulated sufficient control over the vehicle can pass artificial intelligence.

Each autopilot transmits the characteristics of the trips common to all Apple systems cloud server for data exchange. This helps the car to better navigate the terrain and eliminates the need several times to drive through the streets of the world on their own.

Teaching artificial intelligence using people is not a new idea. Most systems anyway create the basic algorithms on the basis of information about the activity.

Apple is testing the autopilot from October 2017 and working to improve the recognition of objects. The patent application indicates that the Corporation takes a comprehensive approach to the creation of an unmanned systems vehicle control.

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