Autumn sale: 11.11 and Black Friday is the best time to buy a new gadget

With November come not only wind and snow, but good moments – for example, the feeling of the upcoming holidays. Where’s the holidays – there is a large expenditure. People have recorded this pattern, and now try to be purchased at great discounts, which also come in masse in November. In this review, we will explain how to make maximum use of future sales.

But first a bit of history. As you know, the main sale of the year – Black Friday – is held in late November: in the US it is the first Friday after thanksgiving in Russia in different ways, but this year from the 24th of November. The major appeal of Black Friday is that some goods can be purchased with discount up to 80% – can you imagine what the hype starts these days. There were even tragic cases: people covered in crazy instinct of consumption, maimed others.

In Russia, the understanding of “Black Friday” is only set, and even then mostly online – however, it’s even better because you don’t have to stand in line with half-mad buyers. Note that in November will be another big online sale – November 11 at the global online retailer Aliexpress, the prices will fall very low. Relatively speaking, if a phone was $ 20 000, you will have a chance to buy it twice cheaper – for 10 or nine. Of course, it should be understood that one you do not know how to use the Internet, and that the party of goods with the best discounts will disperse very quickly.

What does all this mean for you, the end consumer. If you expect (and you expect) purchasing before Christmas, now you know two dates, when it can be done with unprecedented benefits. But you can save money not only on sales – now we’ll tell you a little secret.

Use LetyShops and get cashback. When did you first hear about this word, here’s a brief educational program. Cash back is the process of returning part of the money for a purchase or transaction; especially actively this strategy advance banks, but the trend has extended to others – for example, Western retailers, where this procedure no one is not surprising. In many countries, including CIS, cash back is gaining momentum.

With LetyShops here’s how it works – you visit the site, register, then choose one of the 970 partner stores and make purchases. You must have on the tip of my tongue the question of why it is generally necessary vendors and service? Answer: you understand that the price of any item includes the cost of advertising, so thanks LetyShops, the online merchant gets the buyer, for which the company gets a certain percentage. Cashback service a large part of this percentage gives you – as this scheme operates in the West and work here with LetyShops.

In the end, you just go to the website, buy and wait, when you will return a percentage of the transaction. It is different – for example, if you ordered something from Aliexpress, you will be refunded 5% of the value of the goods; “M. Video” the figures are more modest – 1,37%, and purchases on return of 7.5%. In addition, the service operates offer Premium: after registration within a week you to the normal rate of cashback will end up in 30%.

Now let’s count up whether it is worth it. Let’s say you bought on Aliexpress the new iPhone 6s, giving him 45 000. 5% of this amount – slightly more than two thousand rubles, will return you back to the account. Little money, but not too much, isn’t it? Moreover, there is nothing complicated to do – just register.

The procedure of calculation is very simple – after making a purchase and confirm its online store, cashback will be credited to your account automatically. The money you can bring anywhere – to a Bank card or mobile phone account, Webmoney or Yandex.Money. The main wait time is several weeks, while online retailer will confirm the transaction.

And now back to sales. The thing is that with LetyShops not only will you get some money, but also take part in the raffle gifts with a total prize Fund of one million rubles. Solid benefit, anyway.

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