Back to Samsung: S2 gold watch Gear on the approach

Despite the fact that Samsung managed to introduce to the world of smart watches that do not resemble like two drops of water, Apple Watch, Korean friends still continue to stare in the direction of Cupertino. According to the publication GizBrain, soon our favorite impersonators and parodists also going to force to be fidgety representatives of the Swiss watch market.

According to the latest rumors, next year the company will release two new versions of their smart watches Samsung Gear S2: Platinum and Rose Gold. As the name implies, they will have the body, made of platinum and pink gold.

Unfortunately, the cost of novelties is not reported, but it will be interesting to see at what cost they will be offered. Still, the premium segment is not a place where more competitive price is a determining factor when choosing purchase. Therefore, it is possible that the watch from Samsung will cost not less, and even more than Apple Watch Edition. We will closely follow the development of this idea and keep you posted.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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