Battery iPhone XS was weaker than that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The new flagship amongst mobile devices, Apple iPhone XS Max lost in the test for battery life to its competitor Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The video compares two smartphones was posted on the YouTube channel PhoneBuff blogger.

For purity of experiment put on both phones the same settings, including brightness. During the comparison, PhoneBuff opened the web page, downloaded the videos on social networks, made phone calls, wrote messages, etc. the Test was conducted twice to ensure that the results were correct.

Despite the fact that the power of the iPhone battery XS Max is 3714 mAh, which is smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (it has 4000 mAh), smartphone from Apple have managed to keep more of a charge than the competitor from South Korea, spending during the time of the call only three percent of battery vs the Galaxy five. The iPhone wins XS Max ended: in all other tests the Apple smartphone showed results worse than its competitor. The details of the comparison in the video.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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