“Battle of the sexes” — when the opposition men and women can be interesting

Game: battle of the sexes. A collection of word games | Free | Universal app | Set

Watch the confrontation between men and women is always interesting. Whatever experts say, I think the genders differently, and this game between them becomes even more exciting. Today we will tell you about one unusual application, which is a not a simple collection of word games, but a real tool that will help you to feel your superiority over the opposite sex.

In “battle of the sexes” there are constant battles between men and women with the aid of word games, the players immediately after the registration are divided into two teams and get the scores and thus their contribution to the common cause. You can enter using Facebook or manually — useful for those who want to “Shine” your account on the social network.

In total, the app is available four games: this is the Word of the letters where you have to make the longest word from any set of letters, “4 pics 1 word”, in which you must guess using the pictures, what’s the word encrypted, “a word from the Word” to compile words from the given words. About “Noodle” it is not going to reveal — well, who did not play in it?

At the same time you can play with unlimited number of opponents — to run multiple games and compete as your heart desires. The play is interesting largely because the opponents are real people, and the difficulty level sometimes this will fall that your head above tasks have to break.

It is important that to make a move in the game you can at any time. For example, someone has time to play only on the road in the morning started the game, the enemy during the day, answered, the evening again made his move. Even more excitement added to the League table — there are both General and team. Now the men leading with a decent margin, but at any moment everything can change.

If you want to play not only with strangers but also with friends. You can also view detailed statistics for each user — how many played, how many points scored and so on. Well, if that’s the case, and discover not be discouraged! The games have a built-in chat, communicate and meet.

For several days our editorial staff can not get off this app, try it yourself and voice your opinion. Affordable “battle of the sexes” for free for iPhone and iPad, there is even a version for Android.

Title: battle of the sexes. A collection of word games
Publisher/developer: Alek
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Link: Set

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