BeatsX become cheaper, but is now only available in two colors

Yesterday, October 3, Apple has simplified the range BeatsX and lowered the price of the gadget. Previously, the company offered in-ear headphones with chip W1 in seven colors now available in only two versions – black and “satin silver”.

To this day BeatsX was officially available in black, silver, gold, gray, blue, white color for option Decade, in honor of the decade of the brand.

In addition to reducing color decisions BeatsX, Apple has also reduced the official price of 10 990 rubles up to 9 690 rubles. In America the price has been reduced from up to 149,95 119,95 USD. It is worth noting that in retail stores, you can find more attractive offers.

As in the case of AirPods, BeatsX equipped with chip W1, which provides energy efficiency and “magic” when connecting. In-ear headphones was released in February of 2017 and become an alternative solution for those who don’t like the ergonomics of the AirPods. However, due to the difference in 1 000 between the two products, many consumers saw no reason to buy BeatsX.

Perhaps the reduction of prices due to the fact that Apple is going to update the range of wireless headphones before the end of this year.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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