BeatsX much better Apple AirPods. And cheaper

Paul Gorodnitsky – the coolest wireless headphones in terms of price and quality.

Apple AirPods – rather pathetic accessory than a real practical thing. With these headphones, go and soccer stars, and the holder of the card “Troika”, and visitors to the gym, and advanced to high school – it’s really prestigious.

BeatsX much better Apple AirPods. And cheaper

They are recognizable stick out from the ear, instantly are anchored to the case, seamless communicate with the iPhone and generally a delight – especially at first.

But they have at least two disadvantages.

First – they are too easy to lose: fell one earphone and goodbye, individually, they are worth a lot of money.

The second drawback is the dependence on the case: not everyone is willing to constantly carry a case-powerbank to recharge the headset.

Other claims by retailers and most Apple AirPods periodically disappear from sale, and returned only a few weeks later. Of course, they are always available, including during the shortage, but more expensive – thousands of 13-15. And it is arrogance.

BeatsX much better Apple AirPods. And cheaper

Seriously, I’ve watched these Bluetooth headphones. For many years, used wired EarPods (~2.5-3 thousand rubles), so before you transfer on expensive wireless model wanted to be 100% sure that the investment will not be a failure: in the end, instead of some AirPods can take 4-5 boxes with the EarPods their stock will last for 2-3 years, even if to tear/to waste/flushing and so on.

In the end, with AirPods is still not developed – most infuriated me limited control. There is terribly inconvenient to switch tracks: either you need to get used to Siri (not my option), or you can suffer with all sorts of long taps.

But I still wanted to get rid of wires and to try something new. Then I freaked out, read a couple of reviews BeatsX, went to the store and without thinking bought them. Yes, risk: my ears do not like and reject bung.

But I have no milligrams not sorry that took it these headphones.

1. Kit

When I opened the box, I feel that of you really cared. It’s not AirPods with its unified size for all ears: BeatsX are three pairs of rubber tips (large, medium, small), but the main thing – a special attachment for sports.

BeatsX much better Apple AirPods. And cheaper

As someone who strongly dodged the plugs, confirm that to get used to BeatsX possible for a couple of days. I do not argue – first, the ears are a bit sore, but then the discomfort goes away, especially if you use the tiny rubber tips (ear cushions).

In addition, included is the cover (very cool rubber pocket) and a short lightning cable – also a useful thing in the economy.

2. Sound

I have disgusting taste in music and an explicit bias to the “bits” (all know how they pull the bass?), but I still noticed a positive effect – began to distinguish the words in tracks, which in the EarPods is in the same elementary volume pagevisualize or hissed.

So with sound in BeatsX too, everything is fine – it is hardly suitable for audiophiles, and the rest universal. And no brand bias towards bass.

BeatsX much better Apple AirPods. And cheaper

3. Fast charging

All the specification says that five minutes at the outlet will be enough for two hours of playback. Tested is close to the truth.

It was like this. Remembered headphones for 10 minutes before going to the gym. Hooked, a little potharaju, and they went out in exactly 105 minutes after leaving home – a little could not reach to put two hours. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I was listening at almost maximum volume, put tracks on pause, and once turned off BeatsX (thought, save precious cent).

BeatsX much better Apple AirPods. And cheaper

Standard charging, which lasts a little over an hour, the device holds at least 8 hours. This is better than AirPods without their great boxes, so I’m happy.

4. Switching tracks

Of course, fans trusnik of wireless headphones I will say that BeatsX – fake, because they have the cord.

Well, Yes, the cord is there, only it’s not a bad thing – it hangs a remarkable switch tracks, just like on the EarPods. You do not need to communicate with Siri, to learn the gestures, stroking your headphones and engage in other nonsense.

Just click the thingy and you’re done.

5. Ergonomics in all

BeatsX not confused – thanks to the wide wire.

Do not interfere on the neck – they have optimal length.

You can choose the color – from white and gold to black and blue.

Seamless connects to iPhone – no need to waste time connection.

Efficiently isolate unwanted sounds – you are left alone with the music.

Are anchored to each other at the rear of earphones – will not fall and will not be lost.

BeatsX much better Apple AirPods. And cheaper

The only thing that infuriating – the lack of auto power off. If you forget and time does not press the button, “bits” discharged. It is unclear how you can prevent such the middle ages believe in, update firmware, but probably for good reason.

The verdict is unambiguous: your 10 thousand BeatsX fully practiced. By the way, 10 is more expensive: the Market is full of options and over 8 and over 9 thousand, that is much cheaper than AirPods. And for the “bits” no need to chase around town – also incomparable advantage.

PS I Read reviews where people complain that BeatsX uncomfortable to do sports. In my opinion, absolute nonsense – I went with them to the gym, ran, and on the contrary said to myself that the headphones are practically not felt on the neck.

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