Beautiful. Bright. Lot: the official review of iOS 10 Apple

iOS 10, our biggest release in which all that you like even better. In the Messages app, there are new opportunities to communicate with expression. In a beautiful updated Maps you can quickly build a route. The Photos of your memorable moments look amazing. And Siri can now help you to use your other favorite apps”. C these words begins the story of their new mobile platform Apple. On the website of the California giant came the official review of iOS 10.

New in iMessage

Email: Send a friend a handwritten message — it will come in animated form. Exactly as you wrote.

Expressions: a cloud with the message was dynamic. You can write loud, quiet, and even whisper.

Invisible ink: this function masks the message. The recipient will be able to see it if you touch.

Let’s have a party: send congratulation on birthday or other holiday as full-screen animations.

Tapback: send one of the six quick answers with a simple touch.

Write in color, send flashes, palpitations, sketches and more. You can even draw over the video.

Stickers: put them on a cloud of messages or photos. You can even stick them on top of each other. Available in the new App Store iMessage.

Change the words to Emoji: insert an Emoji instead of words with a single touch.

App iMessage: easy access to your favorite apps: create and share content, make payments and much more without leaving Messages.

“Smart” Siri

Siri became friends with apps: Siri now works with your favorite applications from the App Store. You can ask her to book a taxi or send money.

Updated Maps

The Maps app accepts orders: book a table at OpenTable, book a taxi in Uber. All this can be done directly in the Cards.

Maps go forward and the Maps app will guess where you are going to go, and will show the shortest path.

All along the way: see what is next. Find the nearest gas station, restaurant or cafe. Maps can even tell you how long it will take to the road.

“Smart” house

Building with the mind: the new app allows Home to turn on the lights, open doors and even lift the curtains. All at once, if you want.

New Music

Music in a new style through a simple, intuitive interface listen to your favorite songs has become easier. And you can even read their texts.


The desired frame can be easily: now you can find the photo depicted on it people, objects or scenes. This can be a beach, a football match, a dog… anything.

Your beautiful past: the Photos will help you relive cherished moments: a hike with friends or the first birthday of the child. And even mount one beautiful film.

New notifications

Wakes up on the rise just take your iPhone in hand, to bring it out of sleep mode. You will immediately see all notifications.

Find out in one click: to quickly find the necessary information use the 3D Touch in applications such as Calendar, Weather and Stocks.

Notification content: see photos and videos and respond to messages right in the notification.

Working with text

Context sentence: the text input is even faster and easier. If you write something like “you can see…”, the calendar will tell you when you have a free minute.

Multilingual input: write in two languages without switching the keyboard layout.


Privacy is paramount to us. That is why the algorithms of recognition of people, objects, and scenes in Photos and tips QuickType in iOS 10 work Autonomous and on your device only. But if you give Apple personal information using Siri and Maps, this information is always transmitted in encrypted form and is never used to create user profiles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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