Beeline and Tele2 is preparing to launch its own online cinema

Cellular operators Beeline and Tele2 are going to offer their services online cinemas, according to “Izvestia”. Be the first to buy the content rights holders, and the second intends to negotiate with the country’s largest online kinoteatrom

Beeline and Tele2 is preparing to launch its own online cinema

Interestingly, “Beeline” began to assemble a team to create your own online cinema in 2015. The operator has already managed to lure the Vice-President, content and new media “NTV-Plus” Mary Resnick and Director of marketing and sales “NTV-Plus Alexey Zhuravlev. In addition, the team was joined by the former head of the closed TVzor Michael forgetful.

Sources claim that the project will be launched on the basis of “Beeline TV”: a special set-top box for viewing TV channels. The developers intend to buy a huge amount of content, and then dempingovat market lowest prices on movies.

Tele 2 is currently negotiating with representatives of the online cinema Most likely, subscribers will have to apply for a paid subscription for a day, after which they will be able to view any movie on the service.

Beeline and Tele2 is preparing to launch its own online cinema

“The launch of full operation of the VOD service in any case requires a high degree of involvement in business processes, and, of course, it pays to find a partner that is competent in this area, than to create the service from scratch. The combined efforts of operator, which has the audience and the opportunity to communicate, and an online service that has the content platform and the great experience of involving users in Providence will benefit it to the subscriber – it gets convenient access videokatrina online,” said Director of business development, partnerships, and paid models online cinema ivi Irina GRANDEL.

The launch date of the online cinema Beeline and Tele2 are not called.

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