Beeline launched tariff for smartphones with “honest” unlimited Internet

After MTS with his “Besometimes” similar in its effect rate for mobile data offered by the operator “Beeline”. It’s called#monouse” and is intended for smartphones. Tariff means unlimited Internet without restrictions of speed and volume of traffic in the networks of 2G3G4G, unlimited calls to numbers “Beeline” and 250 minutes to other mobile operators.

The subscription fee is 20 rubles a day (for Moscow), in the first month, it is twice lower in various regions, it ranges from 13 to 25 rubles a day.

As noted Tdaily, unlimited Internet “Beeline” is valid only in the home region, except for Moscow subscribers, for which it operates throughout Russia. In addition, “satellite” regions bezlimitki no traffic is charged per megabyte.

On the tariff plan by default, prohibited tethering (sharing) access is a paid service, plug-in advanced. Cost of 1 hour of sharing is 50 rubles, 24 hours – 150 rubles, while you can connect any number of additional devices.

The proposal of “Beeline” is more expensive than the tariffs of Yota, on which the operator is guided clearly: for 490 rubles a month, the city will receive 300 minutes of calls and unlimited SMS and Internet for whole Russia. “Mtime” is also cheaper: 12,90 per day, includes 200 minutes and 200 SMS. MegaFon has unlimited traffic included a separate option for 3-10 $ a day depending on the tariff plan. “All inclusive S” with unlimited traffic will cost 570 rubles per month, for the money included 300 minutes and 200 SMS, all of that is trips to Russia, and the tethering is missing.

Completely unlimited Internet access allows operators to raise ARPU, since the Internet is more expensive than the limited packages, but in reality, the average subscriber uses only 2 GB of Internet traffic per month, and even a very active Internet user is unlikely on your smartphone to spend more than 5-10 GB to share the traffic on a computer or tablet or unprofitable, or simply inconvenient). Therefore, the subscriber eventually will pay more for the feeling of “bezlimitki”.

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