Beeline made the first call using 5G network

27 Sep operator “Beeline” has implemented the call with a broadcasting holographic images of the interlocutor. To implement the ideas the company used technical devices from Huawei and Microsoft, reports Telecomdaily.

For video call the company involved 6 cameras that created three-dimensional image of the first interlocutor. The second, in turn, received the image on Microsoft Hololens.

To establish the connection “Beeline” used frequency operating in the range 26600-27200 MHz, which is received in time for testing of the new generation network. Of equipment was used by station c support Huawei 5G consisting of a module for digital processing BBU5900 and active antenna array HAAU 5213. For telecommunication company has used the technology MIMO 64×64.

As subscriber devices use the device on the chip Huawei Balong5G01, consisting of radio and Wi-Fi/5G router.

Despite successful trials, the first large-scale launch of the fifth generation networks “Beeline” plans for 2021. But now the operator is actively investing and developing the 5G technology in the Russian market.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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