Behind the scenes: how to create card Wallet for iOS

Wallet application is now actively conquering the market. Changing the name – before it was known as Passbook – Apple has retained its basic concept: it’s all the same convenient and innovative service for storing tickets, coupons, loyalty cards and other necessary tools. If you are not familiar with Wallet, it’s time to learn about this interesting application that greatly simplifies the lives of its users worldwide. The first desire, which may occur when working: as soon as possible to put loyalty cards, already filled purse, on your iPhone. How to realize it?

This can help us special services of electronic cards, providing comprehensive solutions for business automation.

For example, such as the company OSMICards. This service, which since 2012 has been based Wallet (Passbook) for iOS and Android PassWallet for helping companies and users to capitalize on all the benefits of this technology.

Agree, much easier to store loyalty card or coupon is not in your wallet, and your smartphone — it’s almost always at hand. Cards often lose and forget the house that is absolutely unprofitable for the card holder and the company issuing it. Through the use of Wallet not only benefit users but also the companies themselves, which can reduce the cost of plastic card issuance and servicing, and at the same time obtain useful bonuses in the form of communication with their customers and Analytics of user activity, downloaded electronic maps on their smartphones.

The question arises: what are the advantages for business owners this technology? It allows you to inform customers about new products, sales, accrued bonus and other events, including to congratulate them on their holidays. We usually all emails are sent to spam, and SMS simply remove. At OSMI Cards are a more modern solution – a push notification on your smartphone that a user can see and read.

Wallet card vs the Rest of the application

Currently, Wallet is gaining popularity because more and more companies strive to keep pace with the times, and therefore to implement innovative digital solutions. Play a role and international trends: many large Western trading networks connected to the service, and new companies with the start of plastic refuse from in favor of electronic cards.

What is the difference of Wallet from other mobile card apps? Primarily they differ in the implementation. If a Wallet user has the ability to obtain instant access to any of your loyalty cards, to any ticket or coupon, the functionality of the card application is not as simple to use. At least it is necessary itself to a smartphone to download another program from the App Store, although much more convenient to have built-in, so to speak, “native” solution.

For a business to have cards in their electronic Wallet much easier and more economical than to create a separate app. If every company you have ever used, has had its mobile software to manage customer loyalty, on the desktop of your iPhone wouldn’t be the place.

Third-party mobile card application is often devoid of the opportunities offered Wallet. Want, for example, to instantly report the discount to its first 100 customers? Now what, ring up everyone? Of course, no. Wallet these processes of communication with the client can establish. To inform you about new promotion? Easy. Only need to come up with accompanying text and a couple of times to click the mouse. Compared card Wallet apps and the numbers speak for themselves: according to statistics, not more than 5% of the target audience companies are installing apps in your smartphones, while 70% of customers who use the gadgets that you agree to install electronic card instead of plastic.

On the Russian market the technology of electronic Wallet cards are some companies. We became curious to understand this from the company that wants her to run. Does the new technology loyalty in terms of convenience? The first thing we decided to go to the “pioneers” of the industry, the aforementioned OSMICards.

A couple of words about the integrator

It turned out that OSMICards really has several unique features that distinguish the proposal from others. For example, this is one of the few companies that fully comply with the requirements of 152-FZ on personal data protection and are registered in the Roskomnadzor.

This is a unique service that provides an API to work with any system. Only OSMICards now integrates card Wallet with cash register systems and customer loyalty programs.

The company has also developed a set of tools for embedding the technology of electronic Wallet cards in the business processes of companies, such as mobile scanners on the basis of a smartphone application for the issuance of cards and much more.

The service already use Hugo Boss, jewelry network “Adamas”, ROLF Premium, “AVTODOR-Toll roads” and many other major companies. In addition to Russia, OSMICards works in Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy and England.

How does working with an integrator like in practice? Let me take you on a journey through the Personal account, in which the company creates an electronic customer card.

It all starts here — on the main personal account page. Six tabs — “Home”, “Card”, “Templates”, “Tools”, “Account” and “Logout” — allows to navigate quickly in the service and quickly get to the desired section.

To menu Templates create a template design with our card, as it will appear on the iPhone screen. Under “Graphics” you can add push icon (more on this later), company logo, main picture and change the background color and labels. The possibility of complete customization to the style of your company.

It is time to edit the front side. There are special fields with the help of which you can change the content of the various parts of the card. Field label (such as “Discount” or “Owner”) is a kind of subtitle, it will remain constant. Data — information that is taken directly from CRM client automatically: this may be the first and last name, the individual discount rate and so on.

Fields can be assigned to all cards or only the new one. Example: 20% discount on merchandise with your first order for new users. Once the client makes the order, it disappears.

The reverse side of the card more informative. Here you can add a large number of characters, the truth OSMICards we recommend not to do it, because the abundance of text can often scare away customers. The logic is the same — fields, labels, data and messages. May indicate the back of the card, for example, the action of the month or contact your company. Here may be the addresses of the stores, congratulations on your birthday, special offers. In General, all depends on your imagination.

Special attention is given section “Geolocation”. With it, you can create location-based tips for customers who operate in a radius of 300 meters. Specify the address, and the service determines the latitude and longitude. Enough to leave a message, then watch the “magic”.

And here is how the finished card looks on the device:

Important tool personal account to send push messages. For example, you can send a message to all active cards on the upcoming sale, to congratulate the client on the holiday by card number and so on. It is noteworthy that the delivery date can choose any: as a variant — to congratulate happy New year to all users on December 31, not 3 days before.

You can specify a specific timeline for action, if you want to run a special offer that is valid for a limited time. Select the start and end of the action, so you do not discover at the door of his shop or coffee shop unhappy customers. In addition, the service provides other marketing tools for the automatic issuance of cards, a user registration card with the transformation of name, and so on.

Well designed was the system analysts can get the data on the cards in any convenient form. Each card contains its serial number, creation date, current status, and the number of devices on which it is installed. View information on the screen or export the reports to Excel to build additional Analytics.


In General, the creation of e-cards was quick and easy. The service is easy to use and has many different interesting business opportunities that can help companies to improve their methods of communication with the client.

The main thing that I liked is that the map is not static, it can be “re-rolling” at least every day, again and again going communication with clients. It is definitely a “hands on” marketing services.

We hope that this virtual tour, during which we were able to look behind the scenes of creating an electronic loyalty cards, will be useful for you to study the operation of the service Wallet.

To find solutions from the company OSMICards on the official website.

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